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Bill Sweeney

     Fine art has always been in my life. As a child, our house was filled with pictures painted by my aunt, who was a professional artist, and by my mother and my grandfather, who were hobbyists. My siblings and I were also exposed to works from various other aunts and uncles. As a result, I grew up believing that “doing art” was something to be admired and was somewhat of a family tradition. My childhood doodles became sketches when I was a teenager and eventually, in my twenties, became oil paintings and watercolors.

     In 1995 my wife and I moved to the Chadds Ford area of Pennsylvania which serves as a setting for much of my work. In the early 2000’s I rediscovered a set of pastels that were a fifth grade Christmas present from my parents. After retiring from a career as a high school physics teacher, I became hooked on pastels and became a pastel artist.

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